Disertare la guerra

Disertare la guerra: K. Revue trans-européenne de philosophie et arts Cahier Spécial 2022

Disertare la guerra, the latest issue of K journal is now on line. The issue is available for free download on the journal official website: Disertare La Guerra.arte e politica – Déserter la guerre. Art et politique K. is a biannual electronic publication. It is the result of collaboration between the CECILLE Laboratory of the University of Lille SHS and the Philosophy Department of the University of Messina. Each issue is monographic and focuses on a destituent figure, name or historical figure. K. may also produce random special issues, usually – but not always – linked to current events. These issues are the fruit of the independent work of the members of the editorial team. K. is also a collection published by Mimesis entitled Samsa. Écritures pour le destituant.
The special issues are designed by Giovanni Ambrosio