Giovanni Ambrosio

Curriculum vitae

Giovanni Ambrosio
Commissioned works portfolio
Hi, I’m Giovanni, write me.
Art director, photographer,
graphic and web designer,
video maker, writer.
Paris and Naples based.
Working in France, Italy,
Luxembourg/Belgium, Germany.
Inquiry: studio@black-spring-graphics.com
Art director and designer:

Culture and arts portfolio
Food branding


Stage photography
Food & Lifestyle

Video maker

Literature, cinema and contemporary art studies background, I can fully design and manage a communication project.
I’m Black Spring Graphics Studio and Food Stories Agency founder and creative director, both communication agencies and creative studios.

Beside my personal work, as a photographer I’m mostly engaged in stage photography. I work with several theatre companies, both in communication projects and in creative projects. I am associated artist of Alessia Siniscalchi and Kulturscio’k Live Art Collective, Philip Boulay and Wor(l)ds… Cie., Mauro Gioia. I also work in educational and academic environnement.

I shoot food and tell about restaurant lives. I also aim to tell about food as social sharing experience and ordinary practice. I am represented by Seeeds Gallery, Paris.

I cover business and corporate events : from marketing events to meetings, from academic conferences to press show cases.

Also engaged in portraits and fashion photography (short list Bourse du talent mode 2012 with Karl Gasser Story and Shortlist Bottega Veneta ‘New Exposure‘ photography competition with An index of metals)

I’am the co-founder, with writer Sébastien Louis, researcher and writer, of Offside Productions, dedicated to tell about football passion and Ultras supporters cultures in the world.

The word studio : time we need to acquire a perfect knowledge, analysis of a subject, but also practice, experiment. And it also means to observe. That is all I try to do when I am face to somebody else’s works or artworks. To me, achieving a commissioned work implies that we build up a collaboration, a partnership. The studio is also the workroom where are collected matters to be used, later, in my personal projects

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