Black Spring Graphics Studio

What we do : agency and creative studio

If you want something done, ask for it.

Black Spring Graphics Studio is a communication agency and a creative studio. We develop strategies, digital communication projects and influence marketing campaigns. We create media content: photography and video, graphic design, artistic direction, writing, visual identities. We work for artists, musicians, theatre companies as well as for startups, brands and small and medium businesses.
All over the years we have have seen tons of beautiful projects undermined by all kind of do-it-yourself communication and by a general lack of understanding that design adds value and makes things clear and easy to read. That’s why we came up with the idea of a studio servicing businesses as well as people operating in cultural fields.

Art director: Giovanni Ambrosio. With an international and multidisciplinary team.

Art direction

Branding and concepts
Design thinking
Visual Identity


Messages design
Campaigns and Advertising
Business Cards & Stationery
Books & Magazines

Web design

Sites design and UX
Site based and integrated E-commerce
Pages and products Copywriting
Brand Message

Media contents

Social Media campaigns and contents
Newsletters and Press Releases
Blogs and Journals
Video, reels, imagery

Black Spring Graphics Studio : what we do

Art direction, branding and contents, copywriting and photography, media and campaigns.

Culture + Business.

Giovanni Ambrosio Black Spring Graphics Studio We focuses on the process from ideas to visual identity, from contents to branding. 

We focuses on the process from ideas to visual identity, from contents to branding. 

With design thinking we help startups, brands and niche companies in their businesses building and we improve the strength of their plans by designing communication projects. We support people operating in the field of culture and arts by driving them to use the right tools for communication campaigns that live up to the standard of their artworks.

Visual identities, Brochures, Books & Magazines, Packaging, Advertising.

Full visual identities, media content, websites.

Black Spring Graphics Studio business and corporate design works

Corporate graphic and web design

We produce visual contents for business and corporate. We tell brands and company stories building up photography and video projects in a wide range of fields. We provide images for print and web projects, we establish a corpus of pictures and videos for social media management. We cover business and corporate events from marketing events to meetings, from academic conferences to press show cases. We are also engaged with culture and art producers.

Shows, rehearsals, portraits and stage. Art works, installation views.

Documents and campaigns

Madame Pink a play by Alfredo Arias

Communication for performing arts and visual artists. Graphic and web design.

Photography: shows, rehearsals, portraits and stage. Visual works.Video: full shows recording in theatre, music, dance, opera. Trailers, editing, documentary and interviews. Video directing, sound engineering, film editing. Design: books, brochures, campaigns, newsletters, websites.

Corporate portraits, actors and artists portraits.

Corporate and arts photography

Michel Campan portraits for social media and web sites. Giovanni Ambrosio: commissioned portraits

Photography: portraits.

 Portraits tell the stories of people in  beautiful and easy to read shapes.

Documentary series, articles, magazines, websites.

Journalism and storytelling 

Giovanni Ambrosio Black Spring Graphics Studio Editorial photography

Photography for printed and published stories.

Portraits, documentary, travel and landscape. Articles, web pages, books covers, magazines.

Giovanni Ambrosio works as photographer, designer, writer, art director. If you need something done, don’t do it by yourself.

Ask for it.

Artists, musicians, theatre companies, performing artists, associations and all people operating in the field of culture: you deserve a well designed communication as well as startups, brands and businesses. Just ask, we are real people. This is our studio. We love to help you out. We love working in close collaboration. Dialogue is the new manifesto.