Sibyl Sessions. Social oracles on the stage. 

Sibyl Sessions. Social oracles on the stage. 

Sibyl Sessions is the  third step of a trilogy on myths directed by Alessia Siniscalchi and by Kulturscio’k Live Art Collective, a contemporary theatre group I have been in dialogue with for already almost ten years. Beside my photography documentation archive building, I also am fully involved into this specific performance as an author. My texts from the Arroz con pollo issue n. 2 : Prophecies and pronouncements – a three chapters series of texts – are screened and played by performers on stage. I wrote prophecies, responses and pronouncements as Instagram Stories. The book comes at the end of a process started on the basis of a collective residency in a theatre in Paris during the first week of March 2021, 

Three nights of multimedia performance at Museo della Moda in Piazzetta Mondragone: Kulturscio’k, the international collective led by Alessia Siniscalchi, is at the forefront; “We search for our identity among Whatsapp, creating stories on Instagram.” 

“SibySessions”, the latest work from the Franco-Italo-American collective Kulturscio’k, led by Alessia Siniscalchi, debuts tonight at 20:30 at Museo della Moda di Piazzata Mondragone in Naples. “This is the third piece in a trilogy surrounding mythology”–explains the director–” communicating with ‘Medea’s Visions’ and ‘Oreste will be back’, which have already been presented at Teatro Bellini and in Paris at Nuit Blanche and Menagerie de Verre. We are preparing to stage all three shows together in an Italian or French festival next Summer.” The collective’s work is always multidisciplined–the collective is made up of theatre makers, musicians, and key figures in the neomodern visual arts– and experimental, it grows with laboratory-like research without ever reaching a definite outcome.  “Our idea of performance,” Alessia continues, “lies in the always open and dynamic dimension of theatre shows. This time we are focusing on the ambiguity of these oracles whose responses were always interpreted as cryptic, and we express this through choreography and performance collectively devised with Paul Spera, Giovanni Ambrosio, Paulina Mikol, and Alessandra Guazzini, with original music from Phil St. George, author of “Deus Ecce Deus” written from the Latin text of the Aeneid, which describes the mysterious incantations between Sybil and Aeneas. And finally with the works of Giovanni Ambrosio who projects his great designs on the walls with Benjamin Sillon’s knowledge of technology.” She is waiting to bring “SybilSessions” to her home or perhaps to the Cave of the Sybil in Cuma in September and “Oreste will be back” at Museo Madre this upcoming Autumn. “The work is divided between the past”–concludes the director–” present, and future, with our Sybils on stage, in Whatsapp calls, and in live videos, looking for an identity, creating the best Instagram story.” Social oracles. 

Courtesy of Stefano de Stefano, Corriere della Sera.