Mauro Gioia: Conferenze Cantate

In his series of Conferenze Cantate lined up at Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome and at Teatro Trianon Viviani in Naples, written by Giuditta Borelli, Mauro Gioia himself, Antonio Pascale and Anita Pesce, Mauro Gioia tells about peculiar stories inside history of Neapolitan song, starting from his personal collection and archive of vintage vinyls. This archives gives me the opportunity to work in stage photography as a contemporary documentary point of view on the city of Naples. In the incoming show, Alpha singers in Neapolitan song, since main topics are relationship with love, relationships between men and women, gender violence, gender domination, I chose to work on a series of videos interviews based on Pier Paolo Pasolini Comizi d’amore.

Giovanni Ambrosio