The Tramp

K. Revue trans-européenne de philosophie et arts is happy to announce the publication of our latest issue on the Tramp.
Tramp deserter, Tramp revolutionary, Tramp dance… a newsletter has just been sent… 

K. is a biannual electronic publication.
It is the result of collaboration between the CECILLE Laboratory of the University of Lille SHS and the Philosophy Department of the University of Messina. Each issue is monographic: it focuses on a figure, a name or a historical figure who is a destitute. The dossiers are chosen and voted on by the editorial board at annual meetings. All articles (Essays and Readings) selected by the Editorial Board are subject to a double-blind evaluation (anonymity of author and evaluator) by readers outside the journal.K. may also randomly produce special issues, usually – but not always – linked to current events. These special issues are the fruit of the independent work of members of the editorial team. K. is also a collection published by Mimesis entitled Samsa. Écritures pour le destituant.