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Oreste will be back is a rewriting of the myth of Orestes, the second part of a trilogy directed by Alessia Siniscalchi: the actor Paul Spera lays his flow on beats composed by Phil St. George with installations from my works lus soli and Opus Incertum reminding us of the right to reclaim our forsaken land and free it from murderers. The exile of Orestes is revisited through spontaneous dialogues between Alessia Siniscalchi and Paul Spera, reflecting on the violence of our times through Phil St. George’s music, Benjamin Sillon’s lights and projections, Maria Mazzella’s videography, and Didier Leglise’s sound design.The performance and video instillations are comprised of 5 chapters:  Insiders/outsiders Cursed home Freeing the land from murderers Δixn lus soli Featuring as well, 4 original raps composed by Phil St. George and Paul Spera, Full Moon of Revolution Tipping Point It’s a Curse Morte ti ascolto.

Oreste will be back archive 2020