Medea’s visions archives built by Giovanni Ambrosio

Medea’s Visions is multidisciplinary piece from the myth of Medea / Eve written and directed by Alessia Siniscalchi. From 2018 onward I have been collecting pictures to build up an extensive archive of the whole process conducting to the development of the performance. The 900 pages pdf showcases three years of work and all the pictures composing a 6 sections archive. My process, as photographer and artist, is based on the following questions:

Is stage photography a type of documentary photography? And if so, what is it supposed to depict and archive? Whats the influence of on image archive on a performing act?

A textbook of modern stage photography manifesto writing.

13. Everything can be arranged. Everything can disappear.
14. How to archive a performance which is not mine? 

How do I archive a performance which is not mine (?) How do they perform an archive (?)