Sibyl sessions stage photos

While theatre are still closed and the future of performing arts is uncertain more than never, Alessia Siniscalchi and Kulturscio’k Live Art Collective keep on their struggle to push creation forward. A creation residency in Paris gathered the artists involved in the collective for the beginning  of a new work : Sibyl Sessions. “O Sibyl: I have come to question you about Rome’s fate and mine.” “In the end we just exist as an artistic creation”.

Photographers Roberto Di Mola and Imma Di Lillo and videographer Maria Mazzella stepped in order to give their vision of the whole creative process involving Alessia Siniscalchi, Paul Spera, Alessandra Guazzini, Benjamin Sillon, Phil St George, Giovanni Ambrosio, Paulina Mikol, Julia Liedel. While Roberto Di Mola is physically on stage Imma Di Lillo and Maria Mazzella performs remotely in live call. As always stage photography instead of being pure and absent documentary process turns into a tool for all working artists.

Giovanni Ambrosio