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We are involved in projects in digital communication strategies and contents. Photography, graphic design, art direction, communication design, social media management, writing, visual identity, video production. We work for brands and small and medium businesses, for artists, musicians, theatre companies as well as for startups.

What does it mean Studio for us ? Time we need to acquire a perfect knowledge, analysis of a subject, but also practice, experiment. It also means to observe. That is all we try to do when we face to somebody else’s works or artworks. Achieving a commissioned work implies that we build up a collaboration, a partnership. that we find together a way of doing.

Visual Artist and Creative Director


Visual Artist and Creative Director

Photographer, director, graphic designer, writer.

Black Spring Graphics Studio founder and creative director. Literature, cinema and contemporary art studies background. Beside my personal work, as a photographer I’m mostly engaged in stage photography, documentary, portraits but also in corporate, food and fashion. And l also work in educational environnement. I’am the co-founder, with writer Sébastien Louis, of Offside Productions, about Football & Fans. Featured by Eyes on talent.


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Art director

Archaeologist, boxeur, personal trainer and coach, chasseur de tendances, fashion expert, company culture ambassador. I started my career in communication in Paris, at Same Same But Different Agency and then I moved to Hong Kong office. I’m also the founder of Wellness-Week

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Art director
Illustrator, Social Media Strategist, sound advisor


Illustrator, Social Media Strategist, sound advisor

I was born in Rome and I’m actually based between Lyon and Paris. I am graduated in literature and history of theatre and cinema and I also got a diploma in an acting school in Rome. I’m now a social media expert and illustrator. As sound advisor and I help people setting quality play lists. Also do not underrate that I’m in love with cooking and I also work as healthy food advisor.

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Past work experience as a designer for an industrial machine company alongside architectural studies. Currently studying Product Design at the London South Bank University. Always involved in musical projects as a guitarist and composer. Dedicated to design thinking, graphic support and illustration. Into jam, arrangements and concerts.

Architect and interior designer


Architect and interior designer

Andrea graduated in Architecture at the University of Naples Federico II. In post-graduation he engages in experiments of various kinds such as photography, architectural design and painting. The restoration is the choice of specialization that led him to an inexhaustible passion for the historical centers. Hence the idea of representing his own center through his first book, Vivo ned centro Storico. He founded Instaura in 2014, a research project focused on recovering and developing territorial heritages.

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Lénry Roux

Graphic designer (Intern june 2020)

I’m currently studying for a graphic design degree in Blois, hoping that one day I can be a graphic designer or an illustrator.”
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Graphic designer (Intern june 2020)

we write, we design, we think about, we imagine, we communicate, we take pictures, we shoot films, we search for, we listen to per lavorare noi studiamo



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