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What does it mean Studio for us ?
Time we need to acquire a perfect knowledge, analysis of a subject, but also practice, experiment. It also means to observe. That is all we try to do when we face to somebody else’s works or artworks. Achieving a commissioned work implies that we build up a collaboration, a partnership. that we find together a way of doing.

Visual Artist and Creative Director


Visual Artist and Creative Director

Photographer, graphic designer, writer.

Black Spring Graphics Studio founder. Literature, cinema and contemporary art studies background. After about ten years as a teacher, in 2010 I started my career as a professional photographer and artistThe studio is also a place where I start to work on visual matters I can later use in my personal work. Featured by Eyes on talent.


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Art director

Archaeologist, boxeur, personal trainer and coach, instagrammer, chasseur de tendances. I started my career in communication in Paris, at Same Same But Different Agency. Paris and Hong Kong based. I’m also the co-founder of Wellness-Week

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Art director
Video director


Video director

I was born in Milan and after collegeI moved to Los Angeles to study film directing and screenwriting at UCLA. I’m now directing documentaries and tv productions across Italy and France and shooting live opera, contemporary theatre and concert performances. I’m also active in television productions. Actually i’m based in Paris and Milano.

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Web developer and Webmaster

Passionate about web programming languages, I studied web development in France and i’m currently based in Marseille. I started my career as a SEO for small businesses before becoming a freelance webmaster for medium and large companies. during 5 years. My way of thinking: next problem means next solution.

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Web developer  and Webmaster


we write, we design, we think about, we imagine, we communicate, we take pictures, we shoot films, we search for, we listen to per lavorare noi studiamo


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