Photographie et vidéo pour le théâtre et le spectacle vivant.

Photography and video for performing arts.

Photographie : créations de visuels, documentation, reportages, portraits, répétitions et spectacle. Photographe : Giovanni Ambrosio

Vidéo : captations vidéo théâtre, musique, danse, opéra. Vidéos intégrales des spectacles, bandes annonce, montage, régie son, reportage et interviews.
Vidéo, réalisation, régie son & montage : Lorenzo Taidelli.

Photography : shows, rehearsals, portraits and stage. Visual works.
Photographer : Giovanni Ambrosio

Video : full shows recording in theatre, music, dance, opera. Trailers, editing, documentary and interviews.
Video director, sound engineer, film editor: Lorenzo Taidelli.

Featuring a shot taken during the stage setting of Madame Pink by Alfredo Arias, Teatro Mercadante, Naples, 2017

Design graphique print et web pour le spectacle vivant.

Graphic and web design for performing arts.

Création d’identités visuelles, affiches, supports de communication, campagnes de mailing, développement de sites web, rédaction, relations de presse.

Graphic and web design for performing arts.

We provide full visual identities, we design media, we write and send mailing campaigns, we design and build up websites.

Featuring a postcard printed for Kulturscio’k.

Business, corporate, event photography and video production.

We produce visual content for business and corporate. We tell brands and company stories building up photography and video projects in a wide range of fields. We provide images for print and web projects, we establish a corpus of pictures and videos for social media management. We cover business and corporate events from marketing events to meetings, from academic conferences to press show cases. We are also engaged with culture and art producers.

Educational art & design projects

As artist as well as a former teacher, school is to me an ideal workplace. In my educational projects, by sharing with young people the questions and the creative processes wich my art approach are based on, my aim is to open a discursive space of interlocution between art and education. I do not mean to teach how to be an artist. I would like to suggest the idea that an art process (in wich one can be involved as creator or spectator) is a way to try to understand our place in the world. On the other hand, communication and design projects within educational environnement are part of my Studio Works, commissioned works.

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