Performing Arts Videos

Video and films for performing arts. Full shows recording in theatre, music, dance, opera. Trailers, editing, documentary and interviews. Coloring and editing.

Trailer 1 by Black Spring Graphics Studio for Rumoremuto music project.
Incoming show in Paris, may 2019.

Jeu d’acteurs face à la caméra et tournage : parcours de recherche autour du personnage et du cinéma. Un stage Afdas avec le comédien et réalisateur Jean-Marc Barr,  la réalisatrice Stella Di Tocco, Alessia Siniscalchi et Félicie Baille  du collectif franco-italien Kulturscio’k dédié à la création, à la production et à l’expérimentation.

Videoclip #plansequence Right now in your city by Biches
What is to love someone? will you jump with me? What do we have to share? Do we have to share everything?

Passione, a single from the album Era d’oro, produced in Italy by the Central Institute for Sound and Audiovisual Heritage  as part of the acquisition of the Fondo Gioia. In Era d’oro Mauro Gioia, singer and vinyls collector, gives his voice to eleven pieces of Neapolitan music golden age, supported by the piano of Giuseppe Burgarella.

Color grading of A little too much is just enough for me is a documentary short film directed by Éloïse Baille and telling the story of French singer Ulrich Corvisier.

Business & Corporate Videos

We provide videos to tell business stories and  to promote brands. Well conceived videos and film are now critical in communication design, specially in social media marketing.







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